Various Styles and Shapes of Wedding Dresses

Preparing for a wedding: don’t forget to consider a very important factor–the wedding dress. The bride’s choice for her wedding dress should bring out best assets and it must also conform to the shape of her body.

One common style is the hourglass which has a tight waist, a bursting middle and a defined top. The bride has an option whether to have it fully embroidered or just leave it plain. For a bride with full hips, small waist and big bust, this type of wedding dress will emphasize her curvaceousness.

The A-line cut of wedding dress is considered a very classic design. It appears as the letter ‘A’ that is why it is named as such. Oftentimes, it has a flaring skirt, tapered top and sloped waist. This style best suits a bride with a figure that has more bulk on the waist and hips.

Looking like a mermaid’s tail is the mermaid shaped style wedding dress. A distinguishing feature of this dress is that it has a narrow top which flares out down the knees. Aside from having a longer train, the fishtail wedding dress is similar to the mermaid dress. This design of wedding dress is good for brides with small waists and busts. Brides with smaller figure can look taller with this style because the overall line is highlighted.

One dress that fits tightly is the sheath wedding dress having a hem stopping just above the knees. With the purpose of showing a woman’s beautiful curves but not over emphasizing, making this dress involves simple materials. This is a good choice of dress style to place emphasis on long legs and slender hips.

A vintage type of dress but still popular is the empire-waist dress that is designed to tightly fit around the bust line and the rest of the dress just falls straight. This type of wedding dress is great for women who have small busts and less perfect hips. The dividing line in the fabric gives the look of a larger breast and also makes the wearer look slimmer.

A type of wedding dress that looks like an evening dress is the column or straight cut dress, however, it is white instead of black. Because the shape of this dress is common, most brides could have worn a dress with the same shape already hence it gives them a feeling of ease wearing it. However, if the dress is designed using soft or thin fabric, it can show bumps or lumps because there is no underskirt. If the wedding is not too informal, the bride with an appropriate figure can wear this dress beautifully.

Another design is the gathered skirt which has pleats and folds at the waist or hip level or at the meeting of the skirt and bodice. Fairy tale princesses wear this type of dress. The best wearers of this dress are the tall and slim young brides for the highlighted hips and volume of the skirt makes them look a little smaller.

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